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Custom Blaze framework

Our Blaze framework is a custom version of our GPU library, existing of a HAL, command list, app framework and GUI widgets.
It is specially made for the Blaze hardware, and utilizes only one framebuffer.
The idea is to have a custom drop-in framework for the Blaze hardware.

Current state: in closed alpha development.
Overall completeness for public release: about 30%.
Estimated public release date: by july 2017.
Aside from the standard C++ support, there is also:
An app-like system, custom designed.

The approach we took for this system is rather simple:
use the system's hardware to it's full potential.

This includes a 16bit framebuffer, device drivers,
API command set and application buffer in less than 128k RAM.
Some precautions had to be made, like:
no dynamic variables, no RTOS, ect.
Default apps
There are some default installed apps in the Blaze ecosystem, including: