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FX shield

The FX shield is a multi purpose audio shield for the Teensy 3.6.
There are multiple connections/interfaces on board to get you going.
Create your own synth, drum computer, multi effect pedal, active crossover, ect.
All in a small pcb of less than 100x50mm!

Current state: planned.
Teensy 3.6 socket (up to 240mhz, 256k ram, 1024k flash, microsd slot)
4 channel line output 16bit, 44,1khz
2 channel line input 16bit
2 channel line output (12bit, 44,1khz)
MIDI input
4x 6 pin extention connector: 12 digital, 8 analog, 4 power
only 3.3v logic and supply.

DC power jack input (recommended): 8-13VDC, 350mA (center +)
USB power input: 5VDC 500mA
->PJRC forum post